Knit a Cosmic Hedgehog!


Do you want to knit your own CASSiE?

Here’s how!  CASSiE Knitting Pattern

If you knit a Cosmic Hedgehog, please send me a picture and tell me about it!

Let’s see some different coloured hedgehogs, perhaps fluffy wool used for the spikes… or space-aged materials…


Go on – be creative! :.D


The wonderful Jennifer Dunham used a free downloadable pattern from the internet, but it’s only fair to promote the lady who put the pattern up there to be downloaded!

The pattern used to knit CASSiE was adapted from a pattern by Amy Gaines.

Amy has very kindly given me permission to edit her Hedgehog pattern to make it specific to Cosmic Hedgehog making!

I look forward to seeing your Knitting!

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Have fun! ;.D

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