CASSiE’s balloon “still at large” – says BBC News team in Somerset


As the days go by, I am overwhelmed by all the support the #findCASSiE hunt is getting!

Thank you to everyone on Twitter, Facebook and in the local media for the different counties for being so supportive.

BBC Somerset article:

The Register article:

Andrew Bacon also spoke on BBC radio Warwickshire and Coventry, yesterday.  Vic Minett was instrumental to the Cosmic hedgehogs existance and so they have a personal interest in what happens to her. Poor Andrew got a light-hearted grilling from Vic as he explained why she is lost and how people can help.

Vic Minet show (start of interview: 1.15)

How can you help?

On Twitter please follow myself (@SpaceMascotUK) and @MarsBalloon

On facebook there is my usual page

and also a dedicated findCASSiE page:

Please share and retweet all the information we are putting up and if you know anyone in the local papers please try to get them to run the story – especially those who are in the areas we suspect the spacecraft to have landed.

Andrew Bacon from @Marsballoon is organising a slightly different Easter egg hunt this weekend.

Perhaps it should be called The CASSiEaster Eggsperiment Hunt… I’m open to suggestions on that one! :.)

Many thanks!

Myself and MIA MiniMe thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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